Newport Guitar Festival August 2004


Updated: July 27, 2004

Over the three-day festival period, we'll be offering several mini-concerts that feature a player and a maker together, demonstrating the characteristics of a particular instrument. Your regular daily admission to the Newport Guitar Festival includes the mini-concerts for that day.

This page contains the mini-concert schedule. Instrument builders are listed above players for their half-hour time slot.

Friday 6th Saturday 7th Sunday 8th
10:00-10:30AM   Otto D'Ambrosio
Player: Tom Guarna
(Tim Farrell's Workshop)
10:30-11:00AM   John Osthoff
Player: Ken Totushek
11:00-11:30AM   Mark Blanchard
Player: Steve Wildey
11:30-Noon   Rolfe Gerhardt / Phoenix Mandolins
Player: Jim Dalton
Noon-12:30PM   Rich Mermer
Player: Ruth Wyand
Bill Tippin
Player: Peter Janson
12:30-1:00PM   Fabrizio Alberico
Player: TBA
Kim Walker
Player: Paul Asbell
1:00-1:30PM   Sheldon Schwartz
Player: Dave Wodnicki
John Mello
Player: Anthony Weller
1:30-2:00PM   Bruce Petros
Player: Chris Bucheit
Bernie Lehmann
Player: Kinloch Nelson
2:00-2:30PM   Willie Carter
Player: TBA
Peter Hopkins
Player: TBA
2:30-3:00PM Mike Doolin
Player: himself
Bryan Galloup
Player: TBA
Charles Fox
Player: Brooks Williams
3:00-3:30PM David Berkowitz
Player: Paul Asbell
Linda Manzer
Player: TBA
John Monteleone
Player: Anthony Wilson
3:30-4:00PM Laurie Williams
Player: Paul Heumiller
Michael Greenfield
Player: Melissa Greener
Harvey Leach
Player: TBA
4:00-4:30PM Brent McElroy
Player: Paul Asbell
Julius Borges
Player: Paul Asbell
Michihiro Matsuda
Player: Tim Farrell
4:30-5:00PM Charlie Hoffman
Player: Paul Asbell
Rick Davis / Running Dog Guitars
Player: Paul Asbell
5:00-5:30PM Mike Baranik
Player: Larry Pattis
Kevin Ryan
Player: Michael Chapdelaine
5:30-6:00PM Alan Carruth
Player: Ken Bonfield
Randy Lucas
Player: Paul Asbell

This schedule will be fluid up until the time of the Festival, and is subject to change at any time.


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