Newport Guitar Festival August 2004


August 20, 2004

What a Time!

By all accounts, the Festival was a grand success. A fine array of handcrafted instruments, builders, workshops, and demonstrations. We've updated the site with some photos, so don't erase that bookmark yet!

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We apologize if we missed getting a photo of you. We did not get everyone; there were no deliberate omissions!

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See more photos at the Allied Lutherie Web Site.

Cedar Creek Case Raffle Converted to Auction

Oops -- we goofed! The state of Rhode Island does not allow "games of chance" (including raffles) for any organization other than registered non-profits, which we are not. Therefore, we will not be holding a raffle for three Cedar Creek Custom Shoppe guitar cases. Instead, we will put these cases up for auction on eBay shortly after the completion of the Newport Guitar Festival and the proceeds will help pay Festival expenses. We apologize to those of you who were looking forward to the possibility of winning one of these fine guitar cases.

Brazilian Rosewood Auctions

Allied Lutherie has held several monthly eBay auctions of select Brazilian Rosewood. Thank you, Allied Lutherie, for your contribution to the Festival!

This month's auction has completed. But watch our Auction Page for information about the Cedar Creek Custom Shoppe guitar cases in the days following the Newport Guitar Festival.

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