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Newport Guitar Festival

Updated: June 21, 2006

The Newport Guitar Festival offers you a unique opportunity to see, hear, and feel a vast assortment of high quality instruments and talk one-on-one with their makers. This year's list of attending builders follows. Active website links are provided for those builders that have websites. Otherwise, an e-mail address is listed. Please note that builders can change their plans to attend at any time, but we'll make a sincere effort to keep this list up to date.

Website or E-mail
Mike Baranik www.baranikguitars.com
Carl Barney www.barneyguitars.com
Michael Bashkin www.bashkinguitars.com
Thomas Bazzolo www.bazzolo.com
Mario Beauregard www.beauregardguitars.com
Marc Beneteau www.beneteauguitars.com
David Berkowitz www.berkowitzguitars.com
Mark Blanchard www.blanchardguitars.com
Julius Borges www.borgesguitars.com
Dan Brown www.djbguitars.com
Paddy Burgin www.burginguitars.co.nz
Alan Carruth www.alcarruthluthier.com
Ed Claxton emclaxton@aol.com
Michael Collins www.collinsguitars.com
Otto D'Ambrosio www.dambrosioguitars.com
Rick Davis
Running Dog Guitars
Sergei de Jonge www.dejongeguitars.com
Mike Doolin www.DoolinGuitars.com
Hiro Ebata www.ebataguitars.com
Rob Ehlers www.ehlersguitars.com
Tom Ellis www.ellismandolins.com
Jim Ellsberry
Ellsberry Archtop Guitars
Kent Everett www.everettguitars.com
Harry Fleishman www.fleishmaninstruments.com
Charles Fox www.ergoguitars.com
Fraulini Guitars www.fraulini.com/main.html
David Freeman www.timelessinstruments.com
Matt Gage www.gageguitars.com
Bryan Galloup www.galloupguitars.com
Rolfe Gerhardt/
Phoenix Mandolins
Greg German www.germanguitars.com
Rob Girdis www.girdisguitars.com
Sven Gonstead www.gonsteadguitars.com
Michael Greenfield www.greenfieldguitars.com
John Greven www.grevenguitars.com
Steve Grimes www.grimesguitars.com
Kent Hamblin www.hamblin-guitars.com
Charles Hoffman www.hoffmanguitars.com
Peter Hopkins www.hopkinsguitars.com
John Kingslight www.kingslightguitars.com
Jamie Kinscherff www.kinscherff.com
Howard Klepper www.klepperguitars.com
Randall Kramer www.randallkramerguitars.com
Kipp Krusa www.krusaguitars.com
William "Grit" Laskin www.williamlaskin.com
Bernie Lehmann www.lehmannstrings.com
Randy Lucas www.lucasguitars.com
Don MacRostie www.reddiamondmandolins.com
Linda Manzer www.manzer.com
Michihiro Matsuda matsudaguitars@yahoo.com
Brent McElroy www.mcelroyguitars.com
John F. Mello www.johnfmello.com
Richard Mermer www.mermerguitars.com
Cris Mirabella www.mirabellaguitars.com
Bill Moll www.mollinst.com
John Monteleone www.monteleone.net
Rodrigo Moreira www.moreiraguitars.com
Paul Norman www.forbiddenguitars.com
Oriskany Stringed Instruments www.oriskanyguitars.com
John Osthoff www.osthoffguitars.com
Ken Parker www.google.com
Bruce Petros www.petrosguitars.com
Tim Reede www.reedeguitars.com/
Tom Ribbecke www.ribbecke.com
Jake Robinson www.robinsonguitars.com
Kevin Ryan www.ryanguitars.com
Rod Schenk www.schenkguitars.com
Sheldon Schwartz www.schwartzguitars.com
Gerald Sheppard www.sheppardguitars.com
Erich Solomon www.solomonguitars.com
Ervin Somogyi www.esomogyi.com
Steve Spodaryk www.spodarykguitars.com
Judy Threet www.threetguitars.com
Bill Tippin www.tippinguitar.com
Tony Vines www.tonyvinesguitars.com
Kim Walker www.walkerguitars.com
Kathy Wingert www.wingertguitars.com

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