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Newport Guitar Festival

The Newport Guitar Festival will be held on August 4, 5, and 6, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency and Conference Center in Newport, Rhode Island. This major event draws together the major innovators in guitar and mandolin construction in this hemisphere and beyond.

  • For the three-day period, much of it coinciding with the nearby Newport Folk Festival, guitar builders will exhibit their wares. Under one roof, you'll see and hear the current state of the art of guitar and mandolin construction, and have access to the people who create these marvelous instruments.

  • In addition to meeting with the builders and experiencing their art, we offer a series of mini-concerts that feature a builder and player together, demonstrating their combined craft. What better way to see and hear an instrument's potential?

  • Player Workshops will feature some of the world's best guitar players in a classroom setting, showing you how they make their music.

  • Lecture Series - World-renowned instrument builders talking about how they approach their art, how they got into the business, and how they foresee the future.

See our accommodations page for information about places to stay in Newport, RI.


Admission and Tickets

Admission to the exhibit area is as follows:

Ticket prices
One Day Pass $15
Two Day Pass $28
All Three Days $40

Tickets are now available ONLINE


Admission to each Player Workshop is $40. Space is limited so submit your order early. Please see our Workshops Page for more details.

Please Note: Workshop content, presenters, and the workshop schedule are subject to change up until the date of the workshop. If you sign up and pay to attend a workshop, and that workshop is cancelled, our liability and your remedy is limited to a refund of the fee you paid for that workshop.

Tickets for the workshops are now available ONLINE

Lecture Series

Lectures are approximately 1-1/2 hour each and cost $20 (except for one given by Tim Brookes, for which admission is FREE). Please see our Lecture Series Page for more details.

Tickets for the lectures are now available ONLINE

Festival Hours

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 4-6, 2006

Exhibition Area: 11:00AM-6:00PM;
Workshops and Mini-concerts: see mini-concert and workshops schedules

Driving Directions

From T.F. Green/Providence Airport:
Take 95 South to Route 4 South to 138 East.
Cross Jamestown and Newport Bridges (pay $2 toll).
Take the Scenic Newport Exit and make a right.
Go through 2 lights and turn right on 238.
Turn right at light and go over Goat Island Bridge.

A Note About Visiting Guitars
(required reading for anyone carrying
a guitar into the NGF)

Dear Attendees,

I’d like to ask for your cooperation concerning your personal instruments. Out of respect to the builders exhibiting at NGF we ask that no instruments, other than those built by our exhibitors, be seen out of it’s case in the vicinity of the show. This includes all common areas of the Hyatt’s ground floor including vacant rooms and the parking lot. One reason for this request is that exhibiting builders have invested a lot of time, effort and money to come to Newport. Most of them have built guitars on spec, they’ve paid table fees, shipping charges, bought airline tickets, rented cars, obtained hotel rooms, all to be in this show. Pretty much any one of them will tell you that they’re happy that this rule is being observed on their behalf. In view of this you can understand how a party crasher showing off their guitar making skills would be unappreciated. Another reason is simple security, all guitars leaving the exhibition hall must have a builders pass attached to them to prove that the builder has given their consent for you to play their instrument. The NGF staff will approach all instruments not displaying a tag to prevent theft. Those found violating the non-exhibitor rules will be asked to leave the festival and denied readmission for the remainder of the weekend. We’d hate to have to enforce this, but we will if prompted.

Those of you participating in our workshop series will be able to check your guitar in and out of our convenient guitar check room when it’s time for your class. Participants will be limited to carrying one guitar into a workshop.

For security reasons, we cannot allow guitars, other than those of our exhibiting builders, to be carried around or out of their cases at the festival. All visiting guitars MUST be checked in. They will be held in a secure room until you're ready to leave the show.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Sincerely, jb

Fine Print

Please note that the Newport Guitar Festival is not affiliated with any provider of food or lodging. Arrangements for food and lodging must be made between you and the provider. Neither the Newport Guitar Festival nor its sponsors assume any liability for services not rendered, agreements not held, or for any losses encountered at any eating or lodging establishment.

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