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Newport Guitar Festival

Over the three-day period, we'll be offering several mini-concerts that feature a player and a maker together, demonstrating the characteristics of a particular instrument. Your regular daily admission to the Newport Guitar Festival includes the mini-concerts for that day.

This page contains the Mini-concert and Lecture Series schedules. Instrument builders are listed above players for their half-hour time slot.

Updated: August 2, 2006

Friday, August 4

Friday 4th Room A
(Aquidneck Room)
Room B
(Vanderbilt Room)
Noon-12:30PM NGF Lecture Series:
How the Guitar Conquered America: Tim Brookes, author of Guitar: An American Life, shows through stories and slides the guitar's glorious metamorphosis from humble 19th century folk instrument to 21st century art object and cultural icon.

NGF Lecture Series: Your Guitar's Playability: the Nuts and Bolts of Action, Intonation, and the Physics of the Fingerboard . . . explained in everyday language"- Ervin Somogyi
1:30-2:00PM NGF Lecture Series:
Guitar Connoisseurship: Charles Fox, pioneering designer, luthier and educator, presents an overview of the knowledge and expertise that savvy collectors and dealers use to recognize instruments of exceptional quality and significance.
Paddy Burgin
Player: himself
2:00-2:30PM Linda Manzer
2:30-3:00PM Tom Ribbecke
Player: Paul Asbell
3:00-3:30PM NGF Lecture Series:
Getting Started in Lutherie: Harry Fleishman, director of Luthiers School International and innovative luthier of over thirty years experience, discusses a variety of options for learning the art and craft of guitar making.
Erich Solomon
3:30-4:00PM Al Carruth
Player: Ken Bonfield
4:00-4:30PM Randy Lucas
4:30-5:00PM NGF Lecture Series:
Wood Alchemy: Kevin Ryan, dynamic luthier and former aerospace engineer, discusses and illustrates every step in the design and construction of the modern steel string guitar, from the raw materials to the finished instrument.
Carl Barney
Player: Joe Carter
5:00-5:30PM Mike Baranik
Player: Michael Chapdelaine
5:30-6:00PM Ed Claxton
Player: El Duo Duende
(AnnaMaria Cardinalli and Craig Dell)

Saturday, August 5

Saturday 5th Room A
(Aquidneck Room)
Room B
(Vanderbilt Room)
10:00-10:30AM   Sven Gonstead
Player: Keith Knight
10:30-11:00AM   Kathy Wingert
Player: Steve Hawkins
11:00-11:30AM Charles Fox
Player: Michael Chapdelaine
Rick Davis
Player: Paul Asbell
11:30-Noon Brent McElroy
Player: Bill Mize
Bruce Petros
Player: Jerry Kosak
Noon-12:30PM Steve Spodaryk
Player: Raymond Gonzalez
Bryan Galloup
12:30-1:00PM   Otto D'Ambrosio
1:00-1:30PM Mike Doolin
Player: (himself)
John Kingslight
Player: Muriel Anderson
1:30-2:00PM Steve Grimes
Player: Steve Obermeyer
Red Diamond Mandolins
Player: Zeke Hutchison
2:00-2:30PM David Berkowitz
Player: Mike Golay
Oriskany Stringed Instruments
Player: Jennifer Kravassi
2:30-3:00PM Mark Blanchard
Player: Steve Wildey
Tim Reede
Player: Steve Kaul
3:00-3:30PM Charles Hoffman
Player: Paul Asbell
Ervin Somogyi
Player: Michael Chapdelaine
3:30-4:00PM Rich Mermer
Player: Ken Bonfield
Peter Hopkins
Player: Kinloch Nelson
4:00-4:30PM Michael Bashkin
Player: Peter Janson
Rob Girdis
Player: Steve Stusser
4:30-5:00PM Kim Walker
Players: Cindy Newman and Holger Obenaus of Gourmet Guitars
Gerald Sheppard
Player: Muriel Anderson
5:00-5:30PM Sergei de Jonge John Monteleone
Player: TBA
5:30-6:00PM Todd Cambio
Player: Frank Basile
Bill Tippin
Player: Peter Janson

Sunday, August 6

Sunday 6th Room A
(Aquidneck Room)
Room B
(Vanderbilt Room)
11:30-Noon Greg German
Player: Fred Fried
Dan Brown
Player: David DiPietro
Noon-12:30PM Marc Beneteau Paul Norman
Player: Keith Knight
12:30-1:00PM Kevin Ryan
Player: Michael Chapdelaine
Ken Parker
1:00-1:30PM Matt Gage
Players: Stephen Couch and guest
Howard Klepper
Player: Paul Asbell
1:30-2:00PM John Mello
Players: Anthony Weller and Steven Kirby
John Osthoff
Player: Keith Knight
2:00-2:30PM Kent Everett
Player: Paul Heumiller
Jamie Kinscherff
2:30-3:00PM Sheldon Schwartz
Player: Kinloch Nelson
Harry Fleishman
Player: Buzz Turner

John Monteleone
Player: TBA

Michael Collins
Player: Maria Zemantauski
3:30-4:00PM Jim Ellsberry
Player: Ray Matuza
David Freeman
4:00-4:30PM Bernie Lehmann
Player: Kinloch Nelson
Tom Rodriguez
4:30-5:00PM   Chris Mirabella
Player: Ray Matuza

*** Note: This schedule will be fluid up until the time of the Festival, and is subject to change at any time.***


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