Florida’s Newport Guitar Festival 2010

March 3, 2010

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 April 16, 17, 18 2010

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hard Rock Live
Hollywood, Fl. 


Thousands of amazing guitars and Accessories on Display for Sale.
- Meet  the Builders and try out rare and beautiful Instruments and Accessories
- Bring your guitar for appraisal by the Official Blue Book Staff and sell it to buyers

200 Plus demonstration concerts by the world’s best guitarists on three stages all three days

Sunday Night:   Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night at the Hard Rock Live,
Only $10.00 with three day pass, $30.00 by itself.


Special Free Surprise Concert on Friday & Saturday 5:45pm @ Hard Rock Live

  Richard Gilewitz, Jamie Stillway, Mark Hamre, Michael  Isla, Peter Farber and many others.




January 27, 2012

As all those involved in the guitar industry—builders, musicians, collectors and enthusiasts—are aware, there has been an explosion of shows in recent years and unlike the explosion in amazing building and music, we do not believe this has served the industry very well.


            As a result, the Newport Festival has been working on a really exciting project that will link the guitar industry in a way that it has never been served, and in a way that it can reach more people than ever before.  An announcement will be made in the next few months, detailing what we have been working on since the last show and how Newport will look.. 


The purpose of this notice, however, is to let the community know that the next time Newport will be held will be in 2013, not 2012 as would normally happen.  There are many reasons for this, which will be detailed in our next announcement, but the main reason for this is an attempt to serve the community better.  We can also tell you that the show will not be held in Florida—at least the main portion of the show will not.


While our last show at the Hard Rock  attracted approximately 10,000 people and continues to have an unusual and unexpected world-wide impact through its video links and advertising, it is clear to us that a show that happens just once every other year of this size is not something that has as much value to the guitar community as we are capable of providing with our resources.  We are capable of providing something much better, for much less expense to the exhibitors, and will be excited to describe all the details in the coming announcement.


We felt, however,  that we needed to let potential exhibitors and sponsors know that the show timing was going to change now, so they would not plan on being in Florida in April.  Everyone will learn much more about what we have developed in the coming months, so stayed tuned.  We hope that what we have put together will be well worth the wait, will be economically more sensitive to builders and will touch and involve many more musicians and collectors on a permanent basis, than a periodic three-day show—while still building on the large Florida market for music and guitars.  The economy is hard, the industry faces many problems with environmental and other issues which we are working on as well, and we think it is time for something bolder and bigger with more lasting value for the dollar than what current shows are doing.


We wish all of our friends in the industry a happy and healthy New Year, and look forward to a lot of fun and speaking with all of you in the coming months.


Henry Lowenstein

Ron Hill

Eric Garcia

And the Newport Staff and Volunteers

All Star Guitar Night in Pictures

October 26, 2010

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Day 3 Pictures

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2010 Day 2 Pictures

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2010 Media

October 8, 2010


August 10, 2010

Check out our luthier discussion forum.  It’s being updated/upgraded but is up and functional now! We hope hte final product will be your first stop in luthier talk.  It most certainly has the most information in it’s archives!



2010 Day 1 in Pictures

May 25, 2010




Our heartfelt thanks to all who came.  Enjoy this first slide show!

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More still coming.


TSA Ruling – Musical Instruments

January 12, 2010

The below link is a copy of the TSA Ruling allowing passengers on commercial aircraft to carry their musical instruemnts on board aircraft as an ADDITIONAL carry on above the stated limits of the airlines. Open the PDF file (requires Adobe Reader) linked here and keep it with you when you travel with your guitar.

click here –>TSA Ruling on carry on Musical Instruments

Happy Travels!