Here are some kind words from some of our exhibitors and emails from the attendees

From the trade:


Thanks for a really good show.  I think the layout was really nice.  I liked how you separated the luthiers from the dealers.  I think that really helps people see the differences.

All in all, it was a great time, I want to come again. 

Thanks Henry, for inviting me.  I know you guys worked your butts off – Andy was running his buns off at times, even sweating.  When I see that I see passion and I thank you for that. 

Peace and God Bless.

 Kevin L. Pederson




 I just wanted to thank you for a great show. It was a real success for me personally in that I sold two guitars and made many good contacts. I feel that I’ve put myself on the map in the USA. The other two guitars I’ve left on consignment with Luthiers Pride so I didn’t have the hassle of shipping anything home. Thanks for all your help with customs. 

I found the seminars very useful and interesting ….Your talk about the luxury market for guitars provided food for thought.

 I hope you felt that the show was a success and will be continuing with it.

Best wishes

 Adrian Lucas



Dear Henry,

 Bryan and i just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the show and what a great time we had. It was a very nice venue and very well thought out. We appreciate so much all of the work and planning you did to put this together. 

Take Care and thank you again

Bryan and Susan Galloup



 Thanks for an amazing show.  I wanted to spend some more time talking with you but it was too crazy for both of us.    The absolute best part of the show for me was the outstanding customer service.  As helpful and responsive as everyone was it really makes me want to come back.  Helpfulness is the key item that all my other shows are missing.  It was great.

 Once again, it was a lot of fun and great for all the guitar makers!

Rod Schenk    www.schenkguitars.com


I hope the big weekend was a huge success for you all!  Thanks so much for having me be a part!

all the best,  mary flower



 I wanted to say thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Miami Guitar Festival. I had a great time there, the people were so nice…  and the city of Miami is wonderful. Thank you for you hard work as well. I hope I can be a part of the Miami(Newport) Guitar Festival in the future.


 Tim Reede

Tim Reede Custom Guitars


Hello Henry,

 Hope all is going well in Miami…

…  Thanks again for a wonderful weekend in South Beach.

  Best,  Bob     

Bob Benedetto, Chairman
Benedetto Guitars, Inc.


HI Henry,  Just wanted to let you know how great the Miami Guitar Show turned out.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere, meeting all the other luthiers, and just living guitars for a weekend.   I hope everything works out that this will be an annual event.

    And thanks again for such a good venue to show our guitars.

 Thanks, Clint Bear

 O. C. Bear Custom Guitars.


I wanted to thank you for presenting such a fine event,  I had a really good time at the Guitar Show thanks to your consideration of so many small details.  All the staff were friendly and helpful, and the location was excellent.  I was very pleased with the turnout for the show, and I’m sure the next one will be even more successful.  It was a pleasure meeting you and I am happy to see there are others interested in antique guitars like I am.  I have done lots of restoration work and continue to discover things the old boys did that I can incorporate in my work today.
I hope all is well with you and that you have recovered from the show.
Bernie Lehmann – Lehmann Strings


Many thanks again for all the hard work on the Miami guitar show. It was a great and positive experience for me, and I look forward to next year’s.


MacCubbin Guitars, LLC






From the general public:

Wow, what a pleasant surprise to attend a high class guitar festival. I expected dealers hawking glow in the dark guitar picks and guitar shaped corn dogs. What I got was the sights and sounds of truly talented craftsman and musicians. The helpful and courteous staff was well, helpful and courteous.
As a long time guitar player and collector of vintage guitars I felt right at home.
Thank you and yours for a most enjoyable romp through a never before seen world of art.
Chris Schweitzer, just another local guitar guy. 


Hi Henry
Congratulations on the success of your event on the weekend!  Both my wife, Cheryl and I took a lot away from the seminars that were held. We were particularly interested in your take on cross merchandising of guitar inlays and the depiction of other industries.
We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show. It was especially great for us to be able to spend a little time with one of our Canadian National treasures, Grit Laskin.
Looking forward to the next one!
Steve Taylor
Senior National Account Manager, Canada
High Liner Foods



I was at the festival this past weekend and enjoyed it tremendously. There were several CD’s available at the show which I was unable to purchase when there. If you have these available by mail, please forward ordering info.


Lance P. Mirrer, CPA