Richard Gilewitz Workshops

Richard Gilewitz

$25.00 per class

Class 1: The Basics of Blues Guitar for the Fingerstyle Guitarist.
Friday April 16th 4pm,  Seminole Paradise Seminar Room

Develop your right hand language to include elements that will bring the available musical qualities to bring your notes out front – learn to play in 3-D! Techniques will include finger accents, palm mutes, hammer-ons, double-hammer-ons, clipped notes, bends, and the effective use of silence in music.


Class 2: Study of Open Tuning Slide Guitar Technique for the Fingerstyle Guitarist
Sunday, April 18th, 2:00pm Seminole Paradise Seminar Room

A brief study of open tuning slide guitar technique for the fingerstyle guitarist.  Open D tuning will be utilized as a platform to discuss elements of slide effective for both electric and acoustic guitar including the 12-string guitar.  Damping, rattle, shimmer, glides, accents, adjustable speeds and grace notes will be discussed.