Tim Farrell


Saturday April 17th 2:00pm

1.  Little Martha, Open E and Beyond

 Tim will discuss his world reknown solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement of the Duane Allman classic guitar/dobro duet “Little Martha”. We will cover musical decisions made in creating the arrangement and performance tips to maximize tone, feel, etc … Tim will explain how learning the Open E tuning opened up many harmonic possibilities that inspired him to compose some of his most memorable compositions such as “Before During and After” and  “Wind At My Back”.



Sunday April 18th 12:00pm
2. Musicality in Composing and Arranging


We will discuss how using your knowledge of music theory and applying it to the guitar will greatly enhance the quality of your compositions and arrangements.  Then it is time to take this knowledge and expand your pallet with the use of altered tunings, capos, partial capos, the EBow, or combinations of them.