Blue Guitar Exhibition

To honor the efforts of the late Scott Chinery’s original Blue Guitar project with Archtop guitars, Newport organizers are soliciting builders to exhibit electric or acoustic Blue Guitars.  “In many respects, Scott’s efforts in having Blue Guitars built and exhibited at the Smithsonian provided fuel for our current Golden Age of guitar building.” says Henry Lowenstein, Newport organizer.  “Unfortunately, after his death, nobody picked up the creative torch.”    Lowenstein and Co-Organizer Eric Garcia are assembling builders interested in making their versions of Blue Guitars in a 1997 for display and then sale and auction at the 2010 show. “There is so much creativity going on out there in the guitar building world, but very few people who are not in the industry get to see it,” says Eric Garcia, “This will be a chance for the public to see the best and the brightest in electric guitar making and then have a chance to buy a piece of history or bid on it at our exclusive show auction.”  Spaces for builders are still open and any interested electric builders who wish to participate are asked to contact Henry Lowenstein at